About Us


About Us

For the past few years. Korea has built brand new
segregated bicycle facilities around the country (total
length of 1,757kms as of January 2013 and more than
1,000kms still being under construction).

These bike paths (bicycle trails, routes, lanes, tracks)go through the most beautiful areas of Korea major
rivers, mountains, farming, villages, historic cities as well as the heart of Seoul, the capital city.
The stunning bike-friendly facilities have enabled both
local people and international visitors to enjoy eco
traveling on two wheels, safe and clean,
around Korea.

Our website ( is designed to serve and help bike travelers from around the world, who
have an interest in making special and memorable trip
to Korea. It provides links to various information on
general tourism as well as specific bicycle travels of
our small but beautiful country.

It also provides online forums for everyone who wants
to give and share their knowledge, experience,
information and friendship not only on topics of
traveling but also cultures and life. Its registered
members can share their personal profiles with one
another and exchange ideas as well as
recommendations while staying in touch.

Via our website, anyone, who needs special
assistance in relation to bike travels in Korea, can
make direct enquiries to our bikeOasis Team.

In addition to the personal exchanges of help between the members, we would be happy to provide
professional services ranging from airport pickup to
accommodations and shuttle transportations to
individual travelers and tour groups.

And now,
cheers to all your future and past bicycle trips!

- Team bikeOasis -